Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ballpark #20- Pro Player Stadium, Miami, FL

Stadium Opened: 1993 (for baseball)
Team: Florida Marlins
1st Visit: 8/19/05
Last Visit: 8/19/05

# Games: 1
Food: 5/10
Stadium: 3/10
Important Games Seen: none

The last of the multi-purpose stadiums ended in Miami in 2011, and that's a very good thing. The two good things for me are personal in nature: I got to see the Dodgers, and Staci surprised me with the trip to Miami for my birthday. Pro Player Stadium (also known as Joe Robbie, Landshark, SunLife, etc) was built for football and it shows. Stuck on the outskirts of Miami, this concrete behemoth had bad sitelines, horrible video board, and no fans.  Pro Player did have 2 positives that I've never seen at any other MLB ballpark: cheerleaders and free parking lots. Both were a shock to the system, but neither gives the Marlins' former digs enough to get excited about. Glad to have seen it, and glad to see it gone.

We had a great view from our seats

Lots of fans disguised as empty seats

Billy the Marlin

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